Thursday, January 31, 2013

Removing the Word "(Hidden) " from SharePoint Web Part Tooltips

When developing a dashboard in PerformancePoint 2010, one approach to managing the web parts that are displayed on the page is to use a PerformancePoint Filter to conditionally display web parts as a group. For example, I could have a filter that consists of the values "Market Share", "Dealers" and "Trend". By connecting this filter to web parts on the dashboard using the Display Conditions tab on the Configure Connection dialog, I can display certain web parts when "Market Share" is selected, others when "Dealers" is selected, etc.

The problem arises when, after a page refresh, you click on your filter to display a different group of web parts. The tooltip will now have the word "(Hidden) " prefacing the name of the web part in the tooltip for the web part menu, the web part icon and the web part description (see below).

Clearly the web part is not hidden. For whatever reason, this is indicating the initial state of the web part after a full page postback. Helpful? Not Really. Annoying? Definitely.

With a little jQuery, we can easily remove that word from all web parts in the document ready function.

$(document).ready(function () {
    // Remove "(Hidden) " from a title, img alt and td title tags
    $('td[title^="(Hidden) "]').each(function (index) {
        $(this).attr('title', $(this).attr('title').replace('(Hidden) ', ''));
    $('img[alt^="(Hidden) "]').each(function (index) {
        $(this).attr('alt', $(this).attr('alt').replace('(Hidden) ', ''));
    $('a[title^="(Hidden) "]').each(function (index) {
        $(this).attr('title', $(this).attr('title').replace('(Hidden) ', ''));

There is certainly room for targeting the selector better here, but I did want to show that there are several tags that need to be addressed. Either way  the result is the same: a less confusing dashboard for your users.

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